Mary Jaffe creates functional and sculptural ceramics inspired by both vast landscapes and small intrinsic beauties of the natural world. In her Bridgehampton studio she explores altering the traditional form, using repeated shapes and textures suggestive of organic patterns found in the beachfront and farmland of the East End of Long Island. Mary celebrates the defining importance of these landscapes and natural objects, drawing inspiration anywhere from horizon lines to gourds and spiraled seashells.

Mary earned her BFA in Ceramics from Long Island University, Southampton NY, in 1979. Her postgraduate studies took her to Instituto Allende in Mexico, the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina, and a subsequent five year apprenticeship with Frank and Carole DiGangi at their production pottery in Wainscot, NY. In 1986 Mary opened Hampton Potters with three partners, a ceramic arts gallery in East Hampton NY, which was widely recognized for featuring the work of prominent ceramic artists from across the country. Since, Mary has shown in numerous galleries including Elaine Benson, Celadon, Avram, Monika Olko, and is currently showing with Chase Edwards Gallery and Greenport Pottery. 

In addition to her fine art and ceramic profession, Mary has been teaching for the past twenty years, instructing workshops from her studio and at various schools and community organizations.